8v8 Soccer Park Rules

8 v 8 SOCCER LEAGUE(s) 2013  at Soccer Park

League Rules and General Information

This league is 8v8 including goalie. It will be played crosswise on one half of the full size soccer field.

 Location:  Soccer Park – turf fields mainly 1 and 5, some 2 and 3 played sideways – 1S and 5S are closest to the scoreboards(east)2a, 3a are closest fields to restrooms/concession stand

 Starting times: Between 8:30 and noon on Sundays.

Playing time: Each game consists of one 1 hour period, provided we can get games started on time.

To clarify the paying time, there is no automatic halftime. The game is 60 minutes. If after 30 minutes have been played, if either team wants to switch directions and/or take a 2 minute break (although that will be part of the 60 minutes) they have that option.

 Equipment: Each team is to have at least one game useable size five (5) soccer ball. Uniforms shall be, at minimum, matching color jerseys. If there is a conflict in colors, the home team shall change jersey colors. The goalie is to have a jersey color this is noticeably different from those jerseys of both teams

Rosters are open.

Age Requirement: Players should be 30 or 40 years of age or older. The 30 or 40th birthday may occur during the current season. To avoid confusion the end of April 2011 is considered the end of the season. Any teams needing exceptions let Greg know and it will be worked out. The goal is to have competitive games, so leeway will be given to help competitiveness.

Point system:  League standings will be determined on a point system based upon wins, losses and ties. A forfeit is a 2-0 win for the non-offending team. WIN = 3 POINTS     LOSS = O POINTS              TIE = 1 POINT

Determination of standings:  In the case of a tie in points, the outcome of games between the tied teams will be the first determining factor. If a tie still exists, the number of goals scored against the tied teams will be the next tie breaker.  The third tie breaker will be the total number of goals scored for the season, the fourth is total goal differential for the season.

Fouls:  Fouls are to be called only by either one of the players directly involved in the play or by the manager of the team member who in his judgment committed a foul. To make this clear to all of the players- no players should say anything especially not the words foul or “call it” unless they are the two players involved in the foul. If you are calling a foul please state it loud enough and soon enough as to avoid confusion. If you don’t hear “foul” play on

Each player is expected to control their attitude and actions. Mangers are expected to exert extra judgment and control. Please remove players, even for a few minutes, who need time to correct their attitude.

NO SLIDING TACKLES                                   NO OFFSIDES                           NO REFEREES

 NO SLIDE TACKLING.  Sliding is allowed if it is not a tackle. To clarify, if a slide is not to steal/kick a ball at an opponents feet or win a 50-50 ball, and is not dangerous it is ok. Examples: saving a ball from crossing the goal line or sideline or to score a goal or make a pass. (If it is not a tackle)

 A foul in the penalty area awards a direct kick.  The kick is to be taken from the eighteen (18) yard line centered on the goal. The kicking team, at its discretion, can move the ball backward, away from the 18 yd. line.  The defending team can set a wall a minimum of ten (10) yards from the ball.

A blatant and obvious handball that would prevent a goal will result in the awarding of a goal. This is an instance where usually the offending player is the last player before the goal line. Two (2) intentional handballs (anywhere on the field) by the same player will result in the immediate ejection of that player for the remainder of the game. Teams continue to play with eight players.

Kick-ins: It is optional to kick the ball in instead of a throw in. If a kick is chosen it may not be played on a fly into the offensive goal box. For fields 1 and 5, the goalies can handle the ball from the side of the 18yard box across the entire field.


Substitutions: Sub on the fly so as not to gain an advantage

We are playing the center white line as the division between the two fields (not the blue line on fields 2 and 3).

Regular FIFA rules apply unless otherwise noted

FIGHTING CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!  For any incident of fighting, all players involved, no exceptions are to be removed from the game for a cooling off period of no less than 5 minutes.  If a player throws a punch or a flagrant elbow they are automatically and immediately ejected from the game. All players involved in fighting are to be removed even the party who “did not start it”.

The success of the league is dependent on all who participate. All incidents of fighting will be reported to Greg Peer even if no action is needed. Likewise overly aggressive or consistently dangerous play should be reported. Greg will address a situation in which repeated unacceptable behavior occurs. Repeated reports concerning a player could result in that player’s disqualification from the league.

Reporting game results is the responsibility of the winning team or the home team in the case of a tie. Report your score to Greg by phone or email as soon as possible. The league members would like to see early results each week.

League Official:

Greg Peer gregpeer@gmail.com 314-640-9176

Inclement Weather/ Poor Conditions: Website updated as soon as a decision is made. Team managers will be emailed also.

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