O’Fallon, Chesterfield and Fenton Rules

Game will include two halves consisting of 45 minutes each.  Five minutes will be allowed for halftime.

Playoff games will include two 10 minute overtime periods – no golden goal. If still tied, then PK’s.

NO SLIDE TACKLING.  Sliding is allowed if it is not a tackle. To clarify, if a slide is not to steal a ball at an opponents feet or win a 50-50 ball, and is not dangerous it is ok. Examples: saving a ball from crossing the goal line or sideline or to score a goal or make a pass. (if it is not a tackle)

If a game is tied at the end of regulation, it is a tie.

Same colored uniform shirts are required. Arrange for a backup color unless you are sure your color is unique in the league.

If a team knows in advance that they will not be able to play their scheduled game ot be short players, please contact Greg Peer so the schedule can be rearranged or you will be supplied with enough players to play the game.

Substitutions will be allowed on throw-ins, corner kicks, & goal kicks or any time but not to attain an advantage.

For fouls, throw-ins and corner kicks, the players involved make the decision. Things for new teams to get used to: If a player calls a foul, they must do it loud enough to be clear that play should be stopped. If a player calls a foul, it is like the ref blowing the whistle. Sometimes it’s the wrong call. Avoid arguing. Try to de-escalate the situation when there are disagreements. Often if a player makes the wrong call, his own team will overrule him and the right call will be made. Do not act like you were fouled and then not say foul or make other ambiguous comments or arguments.. This creates uncertainty.

Games may be played in the rain but not lightning.  In case of inclement weather, there are links to Chesterfield and O’Fallon on the website.  Fenton fields drain well and seldom are rained out. If the Fenton fields aren’t good enough to play, team managers will be emailed and the the website updated.

A playoff system will be decided during the season.

Over 30 teams can have 2 players between 27 and 30.

In lieu of yellow and red cards, the teams and players police themselves. Team managers take leadership if necessary. If a player gets out of control, have him sit for awhile.

Offside is currently called by the defense. It is discouraged to play a trap on a close play. This can be a contentious situation as it is when there are refs. Avoid arguments that degrade the game. Often the offensive player will call it on themselves. Video replay can be used where available.

Any questions may be directed – Greg Peer gregpeer@gmail.com (314-640-9176)

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